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Tips on Expediting the Loan Process


  1. Applicant’s name should be reflected on each piece of documentation submitted.
  2. Last 30 days paycheck stubs (Social Security, Pension, Investment Income, unemployment, etc.)
  3. W-2 Forms for the last two years
  4. If Independent Contractor or self-employed – last two years of Federal Income Tax Returns, personal (& Corporate if applicable) signed & dated with all schedules, Year to date Profit & Loss
    Name, address and phone number of all employers (2 years)
  5. Most recent bank statements for all checking & savings accounts (2 months) – all pages
  6. Asset statements covering 60-day period-all pages: investments, 401(k), IRA, profit sharing plans, etc.
  7. Residence addresses for last 2 years
  8. Addresses of all Real Estate owned (account numbers, balances and monthly payments w/name and address of lender. If rental property – copy of lease(s)
  9. Name, address and phone number of landlord(s) for the last two years (if applicable)
  10. Bankruptcy Papers (if applicable)- copy of bankruptcy discharge, list of creditors and statement of Financial Affairs.
  11. Separation Agreement and Divorce Decree (if applicable).
  12. Proof of child support income for last 12 months (if applicable)
  13. VA Loans (if applicable) – DD214 Separation Papers and Certificate of Eligibility
  14. Social Security Benefit Letter (If applicable)
  15. Photo identification and evidence of social security number required for each applicant.

Once your Offer to Purchase is accepted and you make formal loan application,

your application fee will be due.

  1. Check for loan application fee: $350.00

Information needed from Agents to expedite the loan process:

  1. Sales Contract with all addendum and disclosures
  2. Legal Description with property tax information – we cannot order the appraisal until received
  3. Let Loan Officer know if property is a Condo or PUD

Please bring the documentation requested above to your meeting with John Pinto. This will allow Howard

Hanna Mortgage Services (HHMS) to process your application in a timely manner.

Thank you for the opportunity to help finance your new home.


  1. Copy of all mortgage statement(s)
  2. Homeowner’s Insurance
  3. Declaration Page, and if possible provide:
    a. Copy of Survey,
    b. Original Title Policy

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