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Staging Your Home

Having a well staged home is an important step in the buying/selling process as it influences how quickly your home is sold and also the price it fetches. A successful home staging process requires a good plan. Here are some of the steps that would give you excellent results.

Home Staging Basics:

Home StagingRemove all family photos to create space and cut down on clutter. Potential buyers will want to imagine their own things in your home and by eliminating personal mementos you give them the ability to place themselves into those spaces.

Home StagingCreate a welcoming smell in your home by using light scents to remove bad odors which may discourage potential buyers. Place candles around in strategic places like by the garbage in the kitchen, in bathrooms and entry ways. Lighting them before a showing can create an enticing environment when entering the home.

Home StagingMake sure your windows are clean and functioning properly. Clean windows bring more light into your home and make smaller spaces look bigger.

Home StagingRepair all broken items. Take the time to make the small repairs around your home that you have been lagging on. Look around your home and try to imagine it from the buyers perspective. Taking the time to repair holes in the wall, replace broken windows, put some WD-40 on squeaky doors and make any necessary general repairs.

Home StagingCreate more space in your house by either rearranging your furniture or moving to other rooms.

Home StagingKeep your floors and walls sparkling clean by vacuuming carpets and hard wood floors, scrubbing and cleaning tiles and grout all over your house.

Home StagingTo eliminate lingering bad odors, empty your garbage daily.

Home StagingRemove and store seasonal clothes from closets.

Home StagingRent a storage space. Remove all visible storage boxes from closets and garage.

Home StagingUse mirrors generously. A mirror at the end of a long hallway makes the home look bigger. A mirror opposite the bathroom vanity pushes walls back and makes small bathrooms appear bigger.


Individual Room Checklists


Home StagingWash the bathroom counters and clear any clutter. Place toothbrush(s), knickknacks, soap, razors and miscellaneous items in a drawer or cabinet.

Home StagingLeave out a new bottle of hand soap or a clean bar of soap together with hand towel.

Home StagingFolding towels in thirds on the rack gives a good impression. Purchase new towels if necessary.

Home StagingLeave shower stalls and tubs empty save for the necessities.

Home StagingAlways keep the toilet lid closed.

Home StagingKeep garbage cans empty and cleaning supplies out of sight.

Home StagingNo drips! Repair all plumbing, faucets, running toilets.

Home StagingClean or repair/replace worn caulking around tubs, sinks, counter tops.

Home StagingThe shower curtain should be clean or replaced with a new one.

Home StagingAll cracking peeling areas should be repaired and moldy areas cleaned. If necessary repaint these areas.

Home StagingMake your showers and tubs look sparkling clean and neat by giving them a fresh bead of silicone caulking at the edges.



Home StagingMake the beds daily and if necessary replace beddings. Arrange pillows nicely on top of bed and store any extra bedding, stuffed animals, etc

Home StagingLeave nothing on night stands, dressers, etc.

Home StagingRemove all clothes from the bedroom floors and keep any magazines, books or any other materials under the beds.

Home StagingClose all closet doors. For walk-in closets, maintain clean floors and remove any laundry and clutter from the floor.

Home StagingEnsure the closets’ doors open without creaking sounds. Also keep the closets neat by arranging items well. Purchase baskets or hanging organizers to help maintain a neat and clean space.


Den, Family room, Living room, Sun room

Home StagingEnsure coffee tables and end tables are cleared and clean.

Home StagingKeep ashtrays and pet bowls out of sight.



Dining room

Home StagingOn the dining tables, leave only a center piece or other decorative items.

Home StagingMake the room look bigger by removing extra table leaves and storing



Home StagingMinimize all clutter and unnecessary items from countertops and put in cabinets or drawers

Home Stagingpurchase organizers for cabinets and drawers to create a cleaner look and help smaller spaces appear to have more room.

Home StagingRemove and store all small kitchen appliacnes like toaster, blender, coffee maker

Home StagingTake all pictures, magnets, drawings, etc off of the refrigerator and store.

Home StagingFix any broken counters and grout any loose tiles.

Home StagingEnsure the stovetop and the oven are clean and replace any badly stained burner pans.

Home StagingClean and empty the kitchen sink and counters.

Home StagingRemove all soaps, sponges and supplies from the sink and keep them out of sight.

Home StagingCheck that all the bulbs are working properly and replace with high wattage bulbs if more light is needed.


Outside the house

Home StagingRepair any broken fences and repaint if necessary.

Home StagingPaint or stain your front door. You may also retouch the house with paint if it is painted.

Home StagingCheck any broken panels and replace them.

Home StagingPickup and store any clutter in your lawn

Home StagingRemove dead plants and weeds from your planting areas and trim your lawn.

Home StagingCreate an inviting entrance by putting a mixed planter on either side of the front door

Home StagingCreate curb appeal by keeping the lawn cut at all times and planting flowers in the front yard

Home StagingSweep walkways clean and stain the decks.

Home StagingCheck the roof for dry rot and moss in the gutters and clean regularly.

Home StagingSweep and organize the garage so that it is neat.

Home StagingDecorate the patio or deck with flowers and arrange patio furniture into a warm inviting living space.